Magic Moments with Mother Earth

Magic Moments with Mother Earth

ViewfromthePier‘s tag line asks: What makes us feel connected…to ourselves…each other…the earth…and the divine?
One answer to that question could be mindfulness. Simply by paying attention and being present, we are open to receiving the beauty, light, magic and wonder that is on offer. Consider this an invitation to take a few minutes, tune in and allow me to share some of the places that have inspired a sense of connection for me. Enjoy…and feel free to pass it on!

6 thoughts on “Magic Moments with Mother Earth”

    1. Hi Martha! I am so glad the video “took you away”…making it brought back all the awe and wonder I felt when visiting each of this magnificent spots! Thanks for making the time to share with me that the montage resonated with you! xoxo!

    1. Barbara, so glad you found the video soothing. That’s the sensation I have when visiting these spots…and that’s why I go to them…and seek to share the good vibe! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it–that makes me feel good! : )

  1. Really nice, Meg. I tweeted it out and shared it on my blog’s FB page. Your choice of music is perfect! There’s so much to see if we just take the time to stop and take it all in.

    1. Patti, thanks so much! I am delighted that you felt it merited sharing! And I am glad you like the music–selecting the sound for the sights in each of my videos is a favorite part of the process (I often get lost for days doing it!) And you are absolutely right on about how by simply paying attention we can behold sights that are quite magnificent! Glad to be “on the road” with you in spirit!

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