Faces of Trinidad

“Faces of Trinidad” is a slide show featuring the people of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean. While almost a quarter of Trinidad’s population is Hindu and I visited on the occasion of Trinidad’s celebration of the Hindu festival of Divali, the island is home to diverse spiritual communities — a vibrant faith is practiced by Catholics, Shouter Baptists, Amerindians, and Muslims. Meet Trinis from the capital of Port of Spain to tiny Rambert Village!

One thought on “Faces of Trinidad”

  1. Beautiful collage of a beautiful Caribbean culture. The accompanying music is wonderfully enjoyable and adds to the flavor. I had no idea that most of the Trinidadians are of the Hindu faith, so I learned something new today. Always thought I’d like to visit this island, and now I have, thanks to you, Meg! Keep on with what you do!

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