Faces of Estonia

“Faces of Estonia” is a slide show tribute to the irrepressible spirit of the Estonian people, set to the inspiring choral music for which the country is known. Estonians broke free of Soviet repression peacefully in 1991 with their “Singing Revolution.” Meet the Estonians I had the pleasure to encounter across the small country, from the capital of Tallinn to the islands of Muhu and Saaremaa, to the cties of Parnu and Tartu, to the Seto villages along the border with Russia!

3 thoughts on “Faces of Estonia”

  1. Meg, I just love how you juxtaposed the choral music and the photographs; it made the “people of Estonia” leap of the page…. it felt palpable – as if I were there with you!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Putting this together was a labor of love–I greatly admire the Estonian people and their choral tradiiton. It really is uplifting to hear so many human voices raised together in song!

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