Meg has published eight books:  a collection of essays and images about Life Lessons presented in locales around the globe and seven themed photography books, in which her images from New England and around the world are captioned by motivational and thought-provoking quotes from sages of the ages, ranging from Ovid to Oprah.

The locales featured in the books span every ecosystem: tropical islands, deserts, jungles, fjords, plains, glaciers, volcanic mountains and coastlines. The pictures depict settings that convey the beauty of the world we live in, and universal aspects of the human condition. Those quoted represent a breadth of cultures and spiritual movements, and include insights from philosophers, political leaders, writers, comedians, musicians, poets, artists, and others, from the B.C. era to today.

The books can be ordered via the links below. The essay collection is also available on Kindle.


Visions of Discovery
“Visions of Discovery,” published by Four Square Press, pairs recent photographs from Meg’s travels with timeless quotes, along with some observations about the paths we all take toward meaning in our lives. Organized into seven sections–Beginning, Journey, Mindfulness, Acceptance, Faith, Belonging and Gratitude–this book is about the journey of self-discovery, inspired by the views.
Visions of the Journey in Images and Words“Visions of the Journey in Images & Words,” a collection of 28 essays and accompanying photos on Life Lessons presented in locales around the world. Also available in Kindle edition.
Visions of New England Visions of New England“Visions of New England” is a 128 page, soft cover book of images of New England spanning the region’s six states over its four seasons. Locales depicted include coastal areas, mountains, lakes, forests, and gardens. The pictures convey the area’s sweet charm, rugged beauty and proud spirit.
Vision for Today“Vision for Today,” A book of photography and inspirational quotations for use in daily meditation, with 365 pages of uplifting images and words.
Visions for Becoming“Visions for Becoming,” 83 pages, seeks to inspire one’s authentic self, and explores themes of individuality, growth, choice, self-discovery, and acceptance.
Visions for Belonging“Visions for Belonging,” 69 pages, focuses on what it means to feel part of something bigger than oneself, be it through friendship or love relationships, community, the tapestry of life, or eternity of the soul.
Visions for Faith“Visions for Faith,” is a 109-page book that aims to foster a connection with a higher power, as a source of inspiration, comfort, solace, and serenity.
Visions for the Journey“Visions for the Journey,” 148 pages, is designed to smooth your path through life, and features imagery and observations on new beginnings, unexpected turns in the road, joys and suffering, patience and progress.

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