If the theme of “Connecting with Self, Others & A Sense of Wonder” is one that resonates with you, or might be a welcome message to a friend or family member, consider Meg’s books, cards, calendars and posters as a gift to yourself or someone else. Whether at a time of celebration or sadness, Meg’s imagery and words offer inspiration and beauty.

Meg has published eight books — a collection of essays illustrated with vivid images, and a series of five photography/quotation books, in which her images are captioned by motivational and thought-provoking quotes from sages of the ages, ranging from Ovid to Oprah.

 Card Collections
Four different card collections, each with multiple images and quotes to choose from. A line of holiday cards offer a choice of 15 different uplifting seasonal images.Three other lines are designed for the spectrum of life experiences–challenges, growth and achievements, be graduation, loss of a loved one, birthday or anniversary.

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  2. I’ve loved travel, nature and photography ever since I was a conducting student at Orkney Springs VA in 1977.
    Boy, was that a beautiful place, and dining room staff was the GREATEST!

  3. I so enjoyed your Abbot Library presentation and your book, which I have enjoyed all year long, is inspiring!
    Lisa Seltzer
    Would love to talk further about the field of thanatology

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