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Below is a directory of the content that focuses on Europe.
Happy armchair travels!


 Interview: Sophocles Hadjisavvas /Archaeoligist

Cyprus Landscape:Eons of Inspiring Awe
Cyprus Icons – Part I
Cyprus Icons – Part II
Cyprus Icons – Part III
Cyprus Icons – Part IV
Pilgrimage: Spiritual Journey or Sacred Destination?
Lefkara Lace & the Pattern of Tradition
Smiles & Tears in Cyprus Icon Painting Studio
Succession of Shazam Moments in Geroskipou

Czech Republic

Prague Castle & A Precious Jewel
Tribute to the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
Surrendering to the Universe in Prague


  Interview: Kate Cooper-Jensen/Skydiver

Happily Succumbing to Hygge in Skagen
Savoring Serenity & the Extraordinary in Copenhagen
Skagen Offers Refresher Course in Simplicity


 Interview:  Sue Coppard/WWOOF

Pilgrimage: Connecting with Self, Others and Spirit
Unexpected Connections at Arundel Castle


 Interview:  Ergo-Hart Västrik/Estonian Folklorist
Interview:  Kaie Tanner/Estonian Choral Conductor
Interview:  Maria Michelson/Estonian Anthropologist
Seto Leelo Choir/Varska Estonia

Faces of Estonia
Estonia: The Journey to Freedom – Part I
Estonia: The Journey to Freedom – Part II
Estonia: The Journey to Freedom – Part III
Estonia: The Journey to Freedom – Part IV
Estonia: The Journey to Freedom – Part V
Estonia’s Onion Route & Old Believers
Happy 21st Estonia


  Interview: Cécile Duvelle/UNESCO
Interview: Christine Barrely/Travel Author & Photographer

Fecos & Carabenes: Vestige of an Eerie Pagan Feast
A Place Where I Ached
What is Pilgrimage?
France’s Cathar Country
Cathar Country & A Continuum of Curious Travelers
Higher Consciousness in the Corbieres Hills of Cathar Country
Colorful Climb to Perspective in Collioure
Magic Afoot in Etretat & Other Universes
Inspiration & Fulfilled Potential in Normandy’s Honfleur


Santorini’s Red Beaches & Relishing Simple Pleasures
Serendipity, Sturm & Drang in Santorini
Santorini’s Lessons in Life’s Continuum


  Interview: Iréne Jense,/Artist

An Epic Journey of Elves & the Unexpected in Iceland
Getting Right with the World While in Iceland & Elsewhere
All Things Acceptance & Al Green
Finding Hope on Iceland’s River Hvita
The Philosophy of Timing & Waterfalls in Iceland
Profound Wonder Provoked by Iceland’s Terrain


 Interview: Dara Molloy Celtic Priest, Aran Islands, Ireland
Interview:Daithi de Mordha, Archivist, Great Blasket Centre, Ireland
Interview: Des Dempsey/Tour Guide 

Luck of the Chinese
Pilgrimage: Spiritual Journey or Sacred Destination?
Ring of Kerry & Angels Incognito
A History of Human Foibles at Northern Ireland’s Dunluce Castle
Aran Island’s Inis Mor: Wind Rock Roots & Resurrection




  Interview: Susana Sá Fontinha/Biologist

Why the World is Round


  Interview: Dr Reuben Grima/Ancient Architecture

Gozo’s Ancient Monuments & Golden Peace of Mind
Malta’s Gargoyles & Gifts
Salt of the Earth & Seizing the Moment in Gozo
Purple Pageantry & Tears of Joy in Zebbug
Choosing Malta Vs. Waiting for What Never Happened
Fate, Choice & Leading Your Own Life in Malta


Interview: Jacob Gelt Dekker/ Founder, Kura Hulanda Museum 

Amsterdam, Sly & the Family Stone & A Change of Season
Giving Amsterdam & Life the Benefit of the Doubt



Lisbon’s Old Town Hostel-Encounters with Inspiration


Back in the USSR


Interview:  Duke of Argyll/Chief of Clan Campbell
Interview: Donald Smith/Director, Scottish Storytelling Centre
nterview: Iain Morrison / Eco Tiourism

The Ten Best Views in Scotland
The Past Speaks at Scotland’s Clava Cairns & Grey Cairns of Camster
Connecting with the Past at the Scottish Crannog Centre
Lochs of Scotland Embraced by Long Arm of the Past
Isle of Mull – Loch na Keal Renews a Lost Sense of Awe
Just Another Ruined Castle?
The Security of Strong Walls
A Turning Point Near Durness, Scotland
Visions of the Scottish Highlands
Randolph’s Leap & Letting Go
Ullapool Encounters With Serendipity
Finding Home at the Rainbow’s End in Durness Scotland
Findhorn’s Nature Sanctuary & A Circle of Songs
The Isle of Skye & The Search That Never Ends
Scotland’s Three Mother Tongues
Coffee in St. Andrews by Bobbi Lerman
In the Outer Hebrides, a MacPhee Tutorial in Cutting the Peat
The Great Scottish Castle Trail: A Battlemaster’s Guide to Doing Scotland Right By David Weinczok
Visions of Scottish Highlands


  Interview: Victor Bravo/Flamenco Artist
Interview: Claudia Scholler/Cortijo El Saltador
Interview: Eva Michaelsen/El Camino

Judy’s Sevilla: A Quixotic Affair
Flamenco: Part I
Flamenco: Part II
Flamenco: Part III
Flamenco: Part IV
What is Pilgrimage?
A Medley of Gratitude on Madrid’s Plaza Mayor
Duende & the Dance of Life
The Silence of Spain’s Tabernas Desert
Barcelona & Being Born Slowly
Practicing Patience on Catalonia’s Montserrat
Random & Haphazard Beauty in Ronda


Angels in Geneva

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