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Best Female Travel Blogs 2016: Top Influential Views

Meg is in awe of the world around her and looks for the beautiful places and people, especially through cultural and spiritual experiences, she can find while traveling.

Why View from the Pier is a Top Female Travel Blog: Get a deeper look at cultures around the world and how they impact tourism.

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Interview with Meg Pier

Meg Pier is a writer, photographer and proprietor of View from the Pier, a travel and inspiration site. Meg founded VFTP four years ago after four cancer scares prompted her to check out of a high-pressured media relations career in the investment industry. She seeks to take visitors to VFTP on a journey of self-discovery, sharing the transformative power of the world’s cultural traditions, spiritual practices and powerful landscapes.

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The ‘Art’ of Blogging: A Commentary

Once in awhile I notice someone doing a particular task and wonder, “Why are they doing such a thing? Is it for monetary gain, self-fulfillment or something completely different?” These questions kept popping up prior to and following the TBEX ’11 conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) this past summer.

For those of you not familiar with TBEX and their conferences – it is the Travel Blog Exchange and their conferences bring travel-related bloggers, writers and media professionals together – explaining how everyone can ‘up their game’. There is a wealth of information to be gained during the sessions, but it’s not always everyone’s cup of tea.

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Harvesting happiness Interview

Harvesting Happiness – Meg Pier’s Toginet Radio interview with Toginet Host Lisa Cypers Kamen


Lost Girl of the Week: Meg Pier

I remember a particular business trip to New York early in my career, and being picked up by a car service for the first time at LaGuardia.  I breathed in the musky smell of the leather seats, greedily gulped down the proffered bottled water despite not being thirsty, and felt goose bumps of awe rise on my flesh. For a kid hailing from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, whose first car had been a Pinto, riding in the back of a chauffeured sedan meant I had arrived.

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Meg Pier quoted and Viewfrom referenced in article on Jan 8, 2010

Belize an eco-traveller’s delight

Belize an eco-traveller’s delightBelize an eco-traveller’s delightZ

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