The Story behind View from the Pier

According to the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu, it’s that first step in any direction that marks the beginning of an epic journey. His point is well-taken that it’s the willingness to embark on change of any sort that is significant.

Rather than a tiny baby step, my foray into self-discovery through travel, writing and photography began with what felt like a giant leap into an abyss. But one of the many transformative lessons of this particular leg of my journey is that I am not unique in this regard. How comforting to learn that we all feel a little frightened and confused when making changes.

Happily, the road unfolds with each next step we take, and I can report that for me, the journey has become a lot less fearful and loads more fun. If you’ve found your way here and are perhaps contemplating a new direction, allow me to tell you about my new beginning at age 48.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao-tzu , 604 BC–531 BC

4 thoughts on “The Story behind View from the Pier”

  1. Dear Meg,

    It’s fun to hear you talk about your journey and to learn the sign posts that marked your way. You have helped me immeasurably on my journey. Congratulations and thank you!


    1. Hi Judy.

      Its a pleasure to compare notes on our respective journeys and learn from each other! Grateful our paths crossed and that we continue to share our aha moments! Meg

  2. I’ve been taking random trips on your site for a while now, and live vicariously through your travels and insights. I didn’t notice this video until now (sorry!).

    This was the time for me to find this video piece! Thank you for your honesty, openness with your feelings, and thoughts. Your story is a true inspiration, and power of example to me.

    Regards ~ Susan

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